2023-01-03 - PEFC certificate
We are pleased to inform you that from January 3, 2023 we are the holder of the PEFC certificate. PEFC is the world's largest forestry certification organization. [...]

2019-01-03 - Gazelle of Business
"The title of Gazelle of Business is a hallmark of well-managed, honest and well-respected companies, its clear and unchangeable criteria make it credible - participation in it is free, and it is not decided by any jury, but financial results enterpr [...]

2017-05-28 - KaszebeRunda 2017
KaszebeRunda 2017 with EPS Poland. Shots from the start at AQUA Centrum in Koscierzyna, route 65 km and 105 km. Several buffets with Kashubian delicacies and meta at the market in Koscierzyna. The route KaszebeRunda runs through Kashubian Switzerl [...]

2016-12-24 - Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank You for being with us! [...]