EPS Poland Sp. z o.o. offers various kinds of birch plywood and film faced poplar plywood. All products are carefully selected and comes from the proven suppliers. Years of cooperation with plywood mills and our experience is a guarantee of the highest quality products and service for our partners. Every product is provided with quality certificate and guarantee of the producer.

We offer plywood designed for shuttering (concrete systems), scaffoldings, floor of the trailers, packing, frames of the furniture and many others. Our customers are building companies, furniture industry, transport industry, packing industry and also wholesalers and retailers.

Recomended plywood:

Film faced poplar plywood
Recently it is the most popular shuttering plywood for building sites. It is made of poplar veneers and water resistant glue. Its smooth film faced surface give extra protection against water and makes it easy to work with. The biggest advantage of this plywood is its low price. [...]
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Film faced poplar plywood.

Sample plywood applications:

Shipyard industry use plywood as construction elements of yachts or inside furnitures. Plywood has very good ratio of weight to strength which is very important in yacht's building. [...]
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