Soundproofing plywood

Birch plywood with a soundproofing insert is a high-quality wood-based composite. Plywood consists of birch veneers (or alder veneers in the middle of the warehouse) and a rubber soundproofing insert. The soundproofing insert is 2.5-3.5 mm thick, it is placed centrally in the plywood cross-section and its task is to dampen vibrations and sounds. The use of veneers of high-quality materials and advanced production technology makes the product meet the high requirements of international standards.

Wood species
The offered plywood is made of birch, alder wood.
Plywood is available in the following thicknesses: 11, 15, 19 mm
  • 1200x2400 mm
  • 1250x2500, 1500x2500 mm

Plywood is produced using an adhesive that meets the following standards:

  • EN 314-2
  • EN 635-2
  • EN 717-1 class E½
Other parameters
  • Moisture: (10±2)% according to EN 315, measured according to EN 322.
  • Density with special-purpose rubber: 950 - 1050 kg/m³

Example picture.